Junior camp

Advanced player hitting a forehand
  • Camp with accomodation and lodging: CHF 1510 per week.
  • Camp without accomodation and 1/2 board: CHF 980 per week.
  • Full week based on half day lessons only. Open to children born from 2011 onwards. CHF 650 per week.

  • Half day options are also available to children born before 2009 but only for those that book for 3 weeks or more on the camp. There may be possibility to accomodate children born before 2009 on shorter camps but this will only be avaialble as a late booking after July 1st.

NEW Advanced training program

  • Reserved for good to excellent players wishing to play at competition level.
  • Physical exercice (speed, strength, endurance), 10:00-11:30
  • Tennis in the afternoon, 16:30-18:00
  • CHF 830, 5 days, 4 pers max/court

Mini champions (born 2011 - 2013)

  • For your Mini champions: CHF 680 per week, 1/2 board
  • Tennis in the morning.
  • Supervised activities in the afternoon (mini-golf, ice hockey, climbing, golf...).

NEW Tennis school program

  • CHF 1260 (without accomodation)
  • CHF 1760 (with accomodation)

Senior camp

  • CHF 550 (without accomodation)

NEW Bike+Play

  • CHF 1230 (7-10 years)
  • CHF 1390 (11-15 years)
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