New for 2018

Chalet d'Adrien terrace in the day

1) Chalet d'Adrien

  • End of the camp with a prize ceremony held at Chalet d'Adrien prestigious relais Chateaux at 11:30 followed by a cocktail party on the terrace elected 'Best of Europe'.
Fer a Cheval

2) Breakfast/lunch/dinner at Chez Martin

  • In addition, tennis camp residents will also have the opportunity to eat dinner at the Fer a Cheval during the week. Known all over the world and one of the best places to dine in town -

3) Tennis in Le Chable

  • To make sure your children experience the full atmosphere of Verbier, we will also use the tennis court down in Le Chable. Our partner Televerbier will ensure your children are safely transported in the cable car down to the tennis courts.

4) Tennis school program

  • In collaboration with the Verbier International school, enjoy a great tennis week and improve your academics combining 1.5 hours daily classes (discipline of your choice such as maths, language courses, etc.)
  • From Monday til Friday
  • Tennis from 09:00-12:00
  • Academic work from 13:00-14:30
  • Lunch all together
  • Tennis from 14:30-16:30

5) Omnisports

Sports Hall
  • The first part of the sports center is now operational. Featuring several climbing walls, large sports hall and both squash and tennis courts, we will look to utilise this facility in case of bad weather!
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