Junior Tour

Junior tour player

The aim of the Juinor Tour is to promote and encourage the young players to compete and enjoy competitive tennis.

These tournaments are available to player sin the following two categories:

  • under 14 years
  • under 18 years
  • entrance fee: CHF 50
  • You can order a Swiss Tennis Licence for CHF 120 (on request)

They have two objectives:

  • Young players will have the opportunity to play doubles at the same standard as at international level with matches played over the best of 3 sets (tie-break on third set).
  • 2 tournaments will take place in Verbier at the end of the week during Advanced Tennis Camp (20-22 July 2018 and 10-12 August 2018). The young players will benefit from the experience and management of the team during the 3 days competing and benefit from coaching in match preparation, after match analysis and training programmes.
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